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Practise What You Preach Workshop

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Practise what you preach

In life it is very important to have goals, if we didn’t, life would become quite monotonous. Life is about

achieving at whatever level is right for the individual, but we learn to grow within ourselves more when we accomplish our goals.

As a personal development life coach, over the years I have sat and listened to clients wanting to achieve their goals in life. I am able to support them through out their process and watch over the weeks as they achieve their maximum potential and learn about their true inner strengths and qualities.

I myself have had a goal that I wanted to accomplish for a while, so now it was certainly a case of “PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH”.

My goal and my dream has been for quite a while to hold a workshop event to inspire ladies on how to learn to be more self-compassionate. This was something that I have never done before ,to stand up in front a group of ladies and share my tools and techniques and encourage self-care.

Over a period of a few weeks leading up to the event, I started completing small stepping stones and as I started to accomplish each task the confidence, energy and motivation started to build up inside.

Yes I was nervous as I had never spoken in front of a large group before, but my need to fulfill my goal was bigger.

Any negative thoughts of fear or anxiety started to diminish as I gathered my information and started to form a workshop. As the numbers grew for the event I knew that my inner strength was gaining momentum.

The day approached and sat before me were several pairs of eyes waiting in anticipation for me to impart my knowledge.

The passion I feel for the job that I do exuded out as I began my workshop and the atmosphere was calm and collective. I spoke the ladies listened the discussions then ensued as to why we are so harsh on ourselves and yet not to others. Why do we sometimes compare ourselves to others and what is the real meaning of self-compassion and how do we start to achieve it.

By opening up to each other we all soon realised that this much we had in common and although it may be easier said than done to keep reminding ourselves not to be so critical within, it definitely is possible to turn those negative thought cycles around with practice.

Self-kindness, Common humanity and mindfulness are three of the main components to self-compassion. If we break these down and remind ourselves that we all are on a rollercoaster in life and we are all works in progress , and its better to treat ourselves with kindness like we would a good friend, then we are halfway there to caring about ourselves.

The event was a lovely learning process and going outside of my comfort zone certainly has motivated me to organise more events and really appreciate the hard work that my own clients put into to accomplishing their own goals.

I really enjoy listening, supporting and seeing client’s complete their goals over a period of time as this makes for a positive and fulfilling experience that encourages to keep reaching forward in life and not to always let the inner negative cycles define you.

I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to experience accomplishing going forward positively in life.

Best wishes

Michelle Ross x

My website is

Phone no 07961430522

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