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Who do you think you are? Discover your core values.

We all make decisions day to day: some are automatic and some are pre-meditated. But have you ever really understood why you make these decisions weather big or small? Well it's your core values that have the greatest influence over who you are and what the meaning of your life is.

Core values are the keys to your character, how you behave and what is important to you. They hold strong no matter what. Holding onto these values lets you know what you are willing to accept and what you are not. They are a guidance like an internal GPS.

Are your values supporting and pushing you in the direction that you want to go? Or are they holding you back and taking you in a direction that isn’t particularly helpful or positive? Trying to reach new goals, small or large, will be more difficult to achieve if your core values are not aligned with who you are. It will only create resistance.

You are responsible for creating your own life: you’re the one that’s in control, core decisions are based on those values that we hold most important. So, how do we define true core values and utilise them in a structured way that enables us to have the freedom and choice that’s right for us as individuals?

Here a few tips to work your core values out:

  1. Look at the list below and without too much overthinking choose your first 5 Core values that resonate most with you.

  2. When you have done this, number the values 1-5 in order of importance to you (1 is most important and 5 the least). To help you to decide if they are truly your deep core values, ask yourself:

  • Would you sacrifice any of the core values for a very large sum of money?

  • Do any of your core values fall by the wayside in times of stress and overwhelm?

  • Do you see yourself changing these core values in the next 20 years, or will they hold true in your heart?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then you should go back to the list and look again and choose the values that resonate with you.

Once complete, you will have your 5 core values in order of importance.

You can also download and print this sheet if you would prefer:

Discover your Core Values
Download PDF • 30KB

Core values are your essence, your inner being and who you are. Becoming aligned with your core values will empower you.

"It's not hard to make a decision, once you know what your values are". Roy Disney

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