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How compassionate are you to yourself?

I am running a workshop on the 20th March at 10am unti 12.15pm at Yew Tree Wellness (Holistics) in Alderley edge, Cheshire and I really can’t wait!

Tickets are available here:

How many of us are compassionate to ourselves? Not many - as research has shown over the last few years. We know how to be compassionate to our friends and family but then why is it that we are so hard on ourselves? The answer is quite simple we have very high expectations in the way we react when problems occur in our lives. We really don’t know how to be kind caring and understanding when it comes to OURSELVES !!!

This is a topic that is very close my own heart, when life has thrown a curve ball or two in my way I had

Our workshop room at Yew Tree Holistics, Alderley Edge
Our workshop room at Yew Tree Holistics, Alderley Edge

always found it very difficult to rationalise the problem in a sympathetic mindset. That is until I learnt the art of self compassion. Facing the hard times without drama, without judgement and without being negative.

My workshop helps people beat self criticism and learn to start feeling more secure when facing the challenges of life. How we can cultivate self love and self compassion in order to thrive. It is a vital tool for improving our lives and the lives of others.

Come and enjoy learning these techniques and tools to enhance your life and to meet in a beautiful rural setting with like minded people. It will be a relaxed atmosphere where we can also all learn from each others experiences and gain a better understanding of ourselves.

“If you want others to be happy practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”

Dalai Lama

Looking forward to seeing you,



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