What people say...

Coaching with Michelle has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She is an incredibly talented, natural coach. 

When I came to Michelle I felt very overwhelmed and unhappy with the stage I was at in my life. I had become embroiled within my comfort zone and did not have the confidence to push myself outside of it. 

Michelle guided and supported me throughout the process bringing my true abilities to the fore. She has a gift in her ability to get beyond surface issues and ask questions which move you above and beyond where you thought you could go. 

I can now say I am a different person from the one that came to Michelle six months ago. From someone who was terrified to step outside of my comfort zone to someone now who relishes it.....bring it on!! 
I have grown as a person beyond what I could have imagined. 

I truly cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.  I am so blessed that our paths have crossed.



I have had coaching sessions with Michelle regularly over the last 6 months. She has helped me to get clarity and direction on the exciting next steps in my work and personal life, with a particular focus on overwhelm and being able to prioritise and manage my large workload. Michelle has enabled me to look at what is important to me and come up with more effective ways of working, which has had such a big impact on my life. 

She has a natural desire to help people and this comes across in her coaching style, which is instinctive and effortless. Michelle has the most wonderfully calming manner, which instantly puts me at ease and creates an environment for me to come up with my best ideas. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to people looking for a great coach to work with.



I felt shock in certain patterns of approach to problem areas in my life, struggling, but repeating behaviour and not getting anywhere. I met with Michelle, not having too much faith I would move off my never-ending circle. After the first session with Michelle I was blown away at how differently I was thinking about my approach to my personal challenges. She made me look at myself and what I had considered to be blockages to a more fulfilling life, in a totally different yet simple way. 

Michelle made me feel at ease and confident that I could change things in the way I wanted to change. She was enthusiastic and encouraging. Whilst not ever telling me what to do, she helped me to think in a way that I hadn't done before or couldn't have thought about on my own. After the second session, I can honestly say what a positive change it has made to my life.



I found working with Michelle uplifting. Michelle's positive energy often encourages me during the sessions to learn more. Michelle is very friendly and this helped me to relax and be myself during the sessions.


The sessions challenged me to think of ideas that would move me forward with my goals.
Her questions did make me have moments thinking deeper and coming up with great ideas to move forward.

Thanks Michelle



I had a number of sessions with Michelle covering a number of different areas. She really helped me to move forward and make great progress with my goals and her calm and professional manner helped to draw out many new ideas and helped me to gain focus. 

Michelle's friendly and kind approach helped me to gain confidence and self belief and broke down a number of barriers that I was facing.

Thanks for all the great sessions and good luck with your coaching practice!



Understanding and compassionate. Very supportive and boosted confidence.

I found Michelle's style very calming yet focusing. She kept me on track when I strayed from my goal.



Michelle is a highly competent coach and I would happily recommend her services to future colleagues and friends. After each coaching session I felt both empowered and inspired to complete my actions in order to reach my goals. I feel like I have already achieved so much and my whole outlook is now one of positivity and excitement, largely due to some of the outcomes from each session.




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