My personal journey to becoming a divorce life coaching specialist.

As you have probably already guessed, my decision to become a qualified Divorce Coach was born of  experience. 15 years ago I found myself facing the prospect of divorce. Though it was more than a decade ago, I can recall the feelings with complete clarity.


With two small children who needed constant care and attention, I felt very anxious about my capacity to become a single parent and my ability to give them the care and stability they needed in those crucial early years. I felt worried about day to day issues, how friends and family would react; the list was endless… a huge jumble of feelings… it was extremely overwhelming.

Emerging from the mayhem

The whole process of divorcing my ex-husband was a turbulent and upsetting one: from finding an empathetic solicitor that I felt would not drag out the whole situation; to agreeing on the custody of the children; and to dividing our possessions.  It took exactly a year to finalise my divorce. I emerged mentally and physically exhausted, yet defiant, and determined to help as many of the other people out there who are feeling confused and alone whilst dealing with divorce.  

In the time that followed my divorce, I was able to dust myself down, analyse my feelings and identify what went wrong during that challenging year.

Figuring out the future

I gradually realised that what I had needed was someone impartial and caring to listen to me and help me to navigate the process of divorce, both mentally and practically. In that year I wish that I had had someone who could help me move to  forward plan and realise my goals for the start of the new chapter in my life. It was many years later that I discovered that there are qualified professionals who could have helped me: divorce life coaches! I read more about life coaching and took a variety of courses before taking on my first clients. The feeling of satisfaction when I help clients move forward with their lives is immeasurable . It has helped me to draw a line under my own experiences of divorce and face my future with renewed vigour. Let me help you on your journey to becoming strong and empowered. Why not contact me for a confidential and free consultation.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James, American Philosopher and Psychologist 


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